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The 13th GERLI Lipidomics Meeting


Please note:

  • The GERLI lipidomic meeting will take place in Pisani Amphitheatre, Agrosup Dijon, Tour Demeter, 26 boulevard Petitjean, Dijon
  • The meeting will be followed by " les journées
    du réseau des lipidomistes" in Dijon 26th to
    27th October. Registration form here
  • Concerning registration, you can still
    benefit from reduced fees until 5th



The 13th GERLI lipidomics meeting will be organized
in Dijon 23rd to 25th October 2017.
During 3 days, it will bring together more than 100
participants coming from different countries.
6 sessions will welcome around 20 plenary lectures
- international speakers - and oral communications -
intended for young scientists - and about 50 selected

The issue of this 13th edition will be addressed both
in plant and mammals through joint sessions.
During 2 days, this congress will focus on fatty acids -
a topic not been discussed at GERLI meeting since 2008 -
and will give an update on the latest advances in cellular
detection/signaling, transport, storage, metabolism and related pathophysiological risks (obesity, cancer…). A final session will be
interested in fatty acids related  mediators involved in inflammation regulation. 

The third day will be dedicated - for the first time at GERLI - to lipopolysaccharides (LPS). LPS or endotoxins are also “lipids” which
are pro-inflammatory components of the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria. LPS are amphipathic molecules composed of a polysaccharide part and lipid A, considered as the active moiety. Thus, LPS exhibit properties similar to lipids, particularly their transport via lipoproteins.  In the host, LPS can trigger a systemic inflammatory response. This session should concern both scientists and clinicians.

In addition, an open session entitled " emerging topics/open session " will be devoted (see program) to recent and emerging data related to other domains of lipids and lipidomics. 



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To Learn More About GERLI

The thematic group on Lipidomics, GERLI (Groupe d'Etude et de Recherche en Lipidomique) is a scientific society. The GERLI, a thematic group of the French Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Société Française de Biochimie et Biologie Moléculaire, SFBBM) is associated with the European Federation for Science and Technology of Lipids (EURO FED LIPID).  GERLI is a driving force in the scientific community in organizing annual meetings.

This program is the result of exchanges between the lipidologist community of Dijon and the members of the scientific council of GERLI.

Expertise in the fatty acid field is present in Dijon for over 40 years when research on LPS emerged more recently, which explain that Dijon has already organized five times the GERLI annual congress by the past.



Organizing Committee


Michel Narce        
UMR INSERM/UB/AGROSUP 1231 Lipids Nutrition Cancer

Isabelle Niot        
UMR INSERM/UB/AGROSUP 1231 Lipids Nutrition Cancer
Member of scientific council of GERLI


Philippe Besnard
UMR INSERM/UB/AGROSUP 1231 Lipids Nutrition Cancer

Lionel Bretillon
INRA, Centre for taste and feeding behaviour, CSGA

Naim Khan
UMR INSERM/UB/AGROSUP 1231 Lipids Nutrition Cancer

Laurent Lagrost
UMR INSERM/UB/AGROSUP 1231 Lipids Nutrition Cancer

Jean-François Merlin
UMR INSERM/UB/AGROSUP 1231 Lipids Nutrition Cancer

Hélène Poirier
UMR INSERM/UB/AGROSUP 1231 Lipids Nutrition Cancer

Françoise Simon-Plas
UMR Agroecology, INRA Dijon